Why Has Your Implant Tooth Changed Colour?

Dental implants don't usually give you any problems once they've bedded in; you'll generally not notice any difference between your implant tooth and your other teeth. Sometimes, however, you may look in the mirror one day and notice that your implant seems to have changed colour. It stands out more than it used to and looks less natural. What's wrong with the tooth, and what can you do about it? [Read More]

Dropped Dentures? Here's What You Need to Consider

Your dentures are designed for strength and durability. Having said that, they might not quite be strong enough to survive a drop onto a hard floor. If the dentures should shatter or are otherwise obviously damaged, then clearly denture repairs or replacement will be necessary. But what about when the damage might be more subtle? Is it still safe to wear your dentures? A Thorough Examination Carefully pick your dentures up and take them to a well-lit area. [Read More]

3 Essential Tips for Maintaining & Using Clear Aligners

You should think about using clear aligners if you are planning on having your crooked teeth straightened. Unlike metal braces, clear aligners are not conspicuous when in use. Therefore, your dental appearance will not be significantly compromised during the period of treatment. Also, these aligners can be removed as required, ensuring comfort when eating. In most cases, aligners work efficiently and ensure that the teeth are straight and appealing after the treatment period is completed. [Read More]

Clear Signs That You May Need a Filling

Most people have some kind of problem with their teeth—whether it be discolouration, arrangement issues, cavities, or entire teeth missing. In fact, according to the ABC, a recent study has found that 90 per cent of Australian adults have at least some type of tooth decay! But don't use that as an excuse to give up on your teeth. The longer you leave a tooth to continue to decay, the bigger the discomfort, price to fix, and other side effects will get. [Read More]