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Same-Day Smile: Why You Don't Need to Replace Broken Dentures

Modern dentures are both comfortable and carefully designed to look like 'real' teeth, allowing patients who wear them to feel confident in using them. They're also very durable, but few things are indestructible, and they are as susceptible to damage as any other piece of personal equipment.

As very technical and personalised items, it may feel like you need to purchase an entirely new set of dentures in the event that yours break. However, this isn't the case. It's entirely possible to repair a set of dentures.

Repairs are Quick

In most cases, it's possible to have a set of dentures repaired on the same day you hand them over. This may not be the case with more severe breakages — but simple fractures, small holes and the like are very simple fixes.

It's Cost-Effective

Of course, it's often cheaper to repair an item than to craft another one entirely, and dentures are no exception to this rule. Repairs require far fewer materials, and far fewer hours of work.

They'll be Durable

Dentures that have been repaired are just as strong and reliable as dentures that haven't. You won't notice a difference in your everyday use of them. Just like any other device, they may be more susceptible after a great number of breakages and repairs — but most people will not encounter this many problems or breakages.

They Can Make Alterations

Instead of having entirely new dentures created, you can always make adjustments to your existing set. This can include — but is not limited to — the addition of new teeth. Of course, these are more complex than a simple repair, and as such will take longer and cost more.

Self-Repairs Can Go Wrong

There are self-repair kits available on the market, but these will not provide the professional and sturdy result that can be achieved by a specialist with all the right equipment. In fact, dentures can be very easily damaged by those trying to conduct their own repairs, and it can make an initial breakage much more complicated to fix. As such, you'd be well-advised to leave this task to the experts.

In short, denture repairs can save you time, effort, money and discomfort. As such, even if you suspect that a breakage may be too severe to repair, it's well worth contacting a professional to ask their opinion and see what can be done. With luck, they'll have it back to you in the same day.