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Teeth Whitening: 4 Categories of People Who Should Consult Professionals

One way to brighten your smile is by using teeth whitening products. These products can be purchased over-the-counter or your teeth can be whitened at a dentist's office. While teeth whitening products are suitable for all people, some categories of people should only use these products after getting a professional opinion from a dentist. This article discusses some of the people who should consult a professional before using teeth whitening products.

People With Dental Work

People who have undergone dental treatments, such as having implants or veneers placed on their front teeth, need to talk to a professional before using teeth whitening products. This discussion is necessary for several reasons. First, the dental work may not respond to the teeth whitening product since it may not have pores to absorb the ingredients of the gel/cream. Secondly, the dental work may be adversely affected by some of the ingredients of the teeth whitening product. A professional can advise you about the best product to use after assessing your dental work.

Expectant or Breastfeeding Women

It is also advisable for pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding to talk to a professional before whitening their teeth. This precaution is necessary because some of the teeth whitening products on the market may have ingredients which are contraindicated for breastfeeding or pregnant mothers. The professional will, therefore, advise you on how to proceed if you want to whiten your teeth.

Young Children

Young children, such as those below 10-years, should also be given teeth whitening products after talking to a professional. Such children may not have accumulated a sufficient quantity of minerals in their teeth to withstand the effect of the whitening products. Secondly, some younger kids may ingest the products after they have been applied to their teeth. Involving a professional will ensure that the appropriate product is selected for that child.

Forgetful People

Do you have trouble remembering things? Talk to a professional before you decide to whiten your teeth. Different teeth whitening products have to be used in a certain way to attain the desired outcomes. The professional will recommend a product which will be appropriate for you so that you get positive results.

There are teeth whitening products which target different categories of people. Contact your dentist or a healthcare professional in case you fall in one of the categories in the discussion above. Such an expert will assess your needs and recommend a product which will give you the results you want without exposing you to any unnecessary risks.