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5 Holiday Staples That Might Damage Your Teeth

During the holidays, many people are usually worried about adding more weight from the overindulgence that characterises this particular season. But what about your teeth and gums? The lure of delicious drinks, sweet treats and decadent desserts may overpower your otherwise healthy food choices. Regrettably, holiday foods take a toll on your teeth and while it's crucial to brush and floss daily, eating the right foods is equally important. Based on the advice of a dentist, here are some of the top five foods to avoid in the holiday season.

1.  Candy canes

Apart from candy canes being loaded with sugar, these holiday staples take a long time to eat and finish.  In contrast to a cookie that you can munch in a minute or so, candy canes expose your mouth to sticky sugar for longer whether you suck them or crunch on them. As such, you face the risk of developing cavities. It's best to simply avoid these sticks of sugar if you don't want an ill-timed trip to the dental office after the holiday season.

2.  Holiday sugar cookies

Cookies may still pose a problem especially the type of sugar cookie prepared during the holiday. It contains sugar, and you know that eating many cookies will speed up tooth decay.

3.  Eggnog

Anything with high sugar content is always bad for your teeth and eggnog is no exception. Plus the presence of alcohol in this drink can cause your mouth to dry out and stop the production of saliva. As a result, your mouth is exposed to sugar residue for longer which leads to more damage. If you can't avoid taking this drink during the holidays, try fixing it on your own while using no added sugar and zero or little alcohol. While it might not taste the same, your teeth may remain intact and without complications.

4.  Carbonated drinks

If you love your pearly whites, steer clear of the fizz. Intake of too many carbonated beverages can cause mayhem in your mouth. These drinks contain acid which can dissolve your tooth enamel, thus making it sensitive and vulnerable to cavities.

5.  Chocolate

Not all chocolates are bad for your teeth. Light-colored chocolates generally have high sugar content. When this sugar is digested in your mouth, it produces acid which is responsible for dissolving the protective part of tooth enamel and paves the way for cavities. On the other hand, pure dark chocolate is perfect for your teeth because of its high cocoa content.

Enjoy your holidays while avoiding the above-mentioned notorious foods or else you might experience a dental emergency in the middle of the night. Speak with the best dentists in your area to learn more.