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4 Activities You Should Stop While Your Dental Implants Heal

When you exercise regularly, stopping for any length of time is difficult. In order to stay in optimal shape, your body needs constant exercise. Stopping is like pushing a reset button. However, if you are planning to get a dental implant or have recently had an implant installed in your jawbone, you need to take extra care not to disturb the healing process.

That means that for at least the first few days, you should avoid strenuous exercise. Otherwise, you increase the risk of putting unnecessary pressure on the surgical site. All patients should refrain from the following activities for at least a few days, if not longer.

Your Energy Levels

First of all, before you even begin to exercise, you need to take into account the fact that your options will be limited in terms of what you can eat. You won't be taking in as much nutrition as you were prior to surgery, which means that your energy levels will also suffer. That's even more reason to rest up for a few days before attempting exercise.

However, even if you are extremely hardy, light exercise is the most you should attempt for the first few days.

Lifting Weights

Exercises that get your blood pumping, such as weight lifting, will lead to bleeding and swelling at the surgical site. This will slow down the healing process and could even increase the risk of dental implant failure. Wait at least 3-4 days before getting back in the gym and ensure that you have your dentist check the surgical site beforehand.


Not only will running increase your blood pressure and thus cause bleeding at the healing site, but also you will likely experience pain. Remember, the titanium screw in your jawbone has yet to integrate with the bone. In fact, it will take months to do so. Imagine the vibration of each footfall traveling through the screw and you'll have a good idea of how it will feel.


Though you will be sitting down, this exercise also increases the blood pressure in your head, which could lead to bleeding and swelling. Wait for a few days before jumping on your bicycle.

Contact Sports

Unfortunately, your dental implant may take 4-6 months to full integrate with your jawbone. During that time, you should halt any activities such as boxing, martial arts, rugby, or Australian rules football. You won't be able to wear a mouth guard nor can you guarantee that you won't be struck in the mouth.

Until the site has fully healed and you can use your dental implant like a natural tooth, you should practice alone or at least refrain from sparring and tackling drills.

Stick to light exercise for the first week or two to ensure that the surgical site is undisturbed during the healing process. Contact local dentists for more information.