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Why Are Custom Braces So Comfortable?

If you've been told that you need braces to align your smile, you might be surprised by the variety of options that are available to you. It used to be that everyone used more or less the same kind of traditional fixed metal braces, but your orthodontist can now call upon the latest technology to create custom braces. These come with plenty of advantages, but the one that you'll probably find most compelling is comfort.

So, why are custom braces so much more comfortable? It mostly comes down to the fact that the process of aligning the teeth is a lot simpler when custom braces are used.  

Custom braces are made using computerized orthodontic systems that create a 3D composite image of each patient's unique dental anatomy. As such, the brackets and wires can be made specifically around the needs of each patient, and orthodontists can be far more precise when they predict how teeth are going to move.

That's great in its own right since it allows you to know what your teeth will eventually look like before treatment starts. However, the process also makes the braces more comfortable.

It used to be that brackets and wires were placed without such predictive technology, which meant that certain teeth were put under a little more stress than is truly necessary. This is why people with traditional braces tend to find that their teeth are sore for a few days after they are first fitted. And that benefit is ongoing since custom braces require fewer adjustments, and those traditional adjustments would only make teeth sore once again.

You'll also often require fewer attachments when you go with custom braces since orthodontists won't need to rely on an extensive architecture or brackets to get the job done right. Additionally, your custom braces won't generally need to be worn as long as traditional fixed braces, meaning that you'll be less likely to develop any ongoing problems.

You'll also tend to find that the brackets and wires can be made a little smaller and thinner since custom braces usually call upon the latest lightweight materials. With brackets both smaller and less numerous, you can count on your mouth feeling far more comfortable during treatment.

Even general toothcare is easier when you're fitted with custom braces. Fewer brackets means that you won't have as much trouble during brushing or flossing, both tasks that are common sources of discomfort of those who wear traditional fixed braces.