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6 Signs You Should Get Your Teeth Whitened

Wondering if you should get your teeth whitened? If you want a whiter smile, the answer is yes, but you should consult with your dentist to see if the procedure is right in your situation. Here are some signs you should consider whitening.

1. You have special photographs coming up.

Everyone likes to look their best in photographs, and if you are taking wedding photos, family photos or even a photo for your work ID, you are likely going to be seeing that image for years to come. So that you look great, you may want to book a teeth whitening session.

2. You have discoloured teeth.

There doesn't even need to be a special occasion coming up. If you have stained teeth, you may want to talk with your dentist about whitening. Whitening can help remove stains due to coffee or wine, but it can also help with stains related to aging or fluorosis (white spots from too much fluoride).

3. Your teeth are intrinsically discoloured.

Some discolouration is related to external stains, but sometimes, the discolouration comes from inside your teeth. In particular, if you have nerve damage, that can cause your tooth to appear grey. Teeth whitening can basically put bleach on the inside of your teeth so that whiteness shines through the enamel rather than darkness.

4. You want existing teeth to match crowns or bridges.

If you have crowns, bridges or dentures, those prosthetics can be made with ceramic or porcelain to ensure they match your teeth, but if your teeth are stained, the prosthetics may look overly white. To get the rest of your teeth to match, you may want to have them whitened. On the other hand, you can also have the prosthetics custom coloured so they match the stains that have developed on your teeth over the years.

5. You are getting your teeth cleaned.

A cleaning removes built-up plaque and can help to make your smile look nice and shiny. However, if you want to go the extra kilometre, you may want to schedule teeth whitening along with the cleaning.

6. You have braces.

Braces straighten your smile, but they can temporarily increase your risk of cavities. In particular, if food or debris gets caught along the sides of the braces or locked behind them, that may lead to cavities. Of course, that can also lead to discolouration as well. To fight against that, some orthodontists offer teeth whitening as well.