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How to Figure out Why Your Dentures Are Giving You Some Grief at the Moment

While modern-day dentures are very well designed and take into account the latest technology in the industry, it's still not uncommon for some wearers to feel a certain amount of discomfort from time to time. If this is causing you some consternation at the moment, what can you do to put things right?

Determining the Problem

What situation do you find yourself in? There are usually three different reasons for denture discomfort. It could be that the dentures have not been fitted correctly in the first place, although this is unusual. Pain could also be caused by shrinkage in the gums, which can occur as people age. A more common reason is natural wear and tear that takes place when a set of dentures has been in use for quite a while.


Dentures are typically tailor-made for the individual, to closely match the consistency and shape of the gums. As time goes by these dentures will tend to settle into place and it's not uncommon for pressure points to arise, where the underlying bone is impacted. Your dentist could realign the dentures, or conduct what is known as a "rebase," to take into account those pressure points and get a more comfortable fit.

Liner Adjustment

If your dentures are relatively new, you might need to have a soft liner installed to help everything acclimatise. If you've had a number of adjustments done in the past and are still experiencing some pain, then this liner may also be a good idea for you. This is particularly designed to help the gums deal with the presence of the dentures and once everything settles down, a more permanent option can be put in its place.

Poor Suction

Do you notice a lack of suction in one part of your mouth or the other? It's not unusual for lower dentures, in particular, to feel a bit "loose" as there is not as much natural suction as found by the upper dentures in the roof of the mouth. You may have to have an adjustment made by the dentist, to compensate for this.

Adjusting Lifestyle

Finally, remember that lifestyle can have a bearing on your comfort level, when wearing dentures. Try to avoid excess alcohol as this can lead to dehydration and the creation of sore spots. Also, maintain a high level of oral hygiene by cleaning religiously and by washing the inside of your mouth when needed.

Finding Your Solution

Have a word with your dentist to see what they recommend in your particular case, so you can go back to your normal and everyday routine.