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Check Up, Check Out: Three Extra Services at the Dentist

It's recommended that you visit the dentist for a general checkup once every six months.  During this appointment, the basic health of your teeth, gums and tongue are checked.  You'll have any necessary corrective procedures performed, and the dentist will let you know if there's an area of your dental care which could improve.  It's all standard stuff, and not particularly exciting, but that's not the only thing that goes on at a dental practice.  In fact, there are plenty of additional services which could be of interest to you.  Here are just a few to ask your dentist about:

Teeth Whitening

It's possible to have your teeth whitened at a beauty salon these days - but that's not recommended. Courses teaching the skill are available online, and the chemicals used can be extremely dangerous if mishandled, incorrectly mixed, or left in the mouth for too long.  Going to a dentist to have the procedure done will ensure that you have a healthy, natural-looking result without any of the risks.

Gap Fills

If you have any gaps in your teeth that you'd like to close, you have a number of options open to you. Many people choose to have orthodontic braces fitted - but these take time, they can be uncomfortable, and they make some people feel self-conscious.  If you'd rather close the gap without going through this, some dentists offer specialist services designed to do just that.  Essentially, the teeth either side of the gaps are widened - either with ceramics, plastics or some other hard-drying substance.  The result is natural and permanent - and instantaneous!  It's well worth investigating.

Deep Clean

Even those with flawless dental hygiene can't reach every area of their mouth.  However, scheduling a deep clean twice a year will make sure that your mouth is in pristine condition.  This procedure can be completed by either a dentist or a dental hygienist and involves cleaning your teeth with water jets, fine brushes and other specialised tools to reach every crevasse in your mouth.  They may also polish your teeth.  A good practitioner can perform a deep clean without any pain or discomfort - so make sure you're visiting a dental surgery you trust to get the best possible treatment.

It may be a small additional expense, but - well.  You only have one set of teeth.  Taking great care of them is an investment in both your smile and your future health.  Say cheese!