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Why Dental Implant Procedures Are Revolutionary

It's little wonder that people call this the age of technology. Development occurs at breakneck speed and before you know it, something that was billed as revolutionary a few years back has been replaced and further improved. Nowhere is this pace of development more evident than in the world of dentistry. If your last recollection of dental surgery was some time ago, you would be amazed at what's changed. Both materials and procedures have been improved significantly in the last decade and the modern-day dental surgery is a groundbreaking place. If you're getting ready to have dental implants, what should you know about how this has all changed?

It's All about the Anchor

The dental implant relies very heavily on its anchor. This is what takes the place of the original root and provides the stability to cope with biting forces. The modern-day anchor is made from titanium, which was recently discovered to be an amazing, "natural" connection to the underlying bone. In short, the body fully accepts the titanium implant, and new cells begin to develop around it immediately to ensure that the finished result is both long-lasting and very strong.

Latest Equipment

With revolutionary materials on hand, dentists augment their own experience by using the latest in high-tech equipment. For example, they will be able to use x-rays or CT imaging machines so that they can very accurately plan exactly where they will put the implant. This means that they can make very precise incisions to create the channel within which to put the new tooth.

Less Intrusive

Implant surgery is not intrusive anymore and can often be performed with a minimum of local anaesthetic. It will only be necessary to numb the area that immediately surrounds the implant site. Due to this level of precision, it shouldn't be surprising to hear that the recovery process is also minimised. The tissues in the area are not disrupted as much with this type of approach and if necessary, tiny sutures will absorb and disappear very quickly.

Improved Crowns

When you have visited the dentist and received the titanium implant, you will also get a temporary crown on top of it. The site will need to heal and strengthen before a subsequent visit to the dentist for the final crown. This is also made from revolutionary material and has almost the identical appearance of the teeth that will surround it.

Preparing for Your Visit

As you can see, the world of dentistry has moved far in a short space of time. You can look forward to your dental implant work with ultimate confidence in the outcome.