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Health Benefits of Seeking Orthodontic Treatment

The primary function of orthodontic treatment is to straighten your teeth. Thus, it is not surprising to find some people tend to associate these treatments with younger patients who may have their teeth growing abnormally. In reality, orthodontic treatment is necessary no matter what age you are as the alignment of your teeth can have a considerable impact on your overall health. So what are some of the benefits of seeking tooth-straightening treatments?

Orthodontic treatment promotes healthy gums

A misconception people have about crowded or over spaced teeth is that they are merely an aesthetic flaw. In reality, having misaligned teeth exposes your gums to inflammation and subsequent disease. When your teeth have gaps or if they are crowded, they make it easier for bacteria to become trapped in hard to reach areas. As a result, you begin to suffer from bacterial infections, most commonly gum disease. By opting or orthodontic treatment, you ensure that your teeth are secured properly into your gum, making it harder for you to develop periodontal diseases.

Orthodontic treatments enhances oral hygiene

Another reason why you should consider orthodontic treatment is to make your oral routine much more efficient. Individual who have crowded teeth would find it much harder to floss, which would eventually lead to the buildup of plaque and the increased risk of tooth decay. Conversely, individuals with widely spaced teeth have a higher chance of crevices forming between their teeth and gum line. As a result, food particles become trapped in these areas and increases the chances of bacterial infections.

Orthodontic treatments prevent abnormal wear

The positioning of your teeth is supposed to ensure that they all fit together without affecting one another. If this alignment is compromised, you become more likely to suffer from premature damage to your teeth. For example, individuals who have an underbite will have their lower teeth jutting out. Thus, these lower teeth are likely to rub against the upper teeth, leading to premature erosion. If this issue is not addressed, you will start to suffer from subsequent dental problems such as tooth sensitivity due to the diminishing enamel, uneven tooth edges that would impede on your chewing and more.

Orthodontic treatments decrease pain

Having misaligned teeth can start to cause you different types of discomfort such as headaches, jaw pain and more. The reason you begin to suffer from this pain is that the crooked teeth will be exerting excessive stress on your jawbone. Some individuals may even develop bruxism due to the misalignment. As a result, the discomfort spread to adjacent body parts and could culminate into chronic headaches and jaw pain that would affect your overall wellness.

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